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Telekom launches the third Smart City pilot project, in Piatra Neamț

Telekom Romania launches a new Smart City pilot project, after the ones launched in  Constanța, June 2017, and Bucharest, 2016;

The project includes smart street furniture, smart street lighting, charging station for electric cars, air quality monitoring system, smart video surveillance and free Wi-Fi.

Telekom Romania lauched today, December 14th 2017, in Piatra Neamț, the third Smart City pilot project, after the ones in Bucharest and Constanța. The company’s project is part of the strategy of expanding its own operations on this segment of innovation and strengthening the position of integrator of ITC solutions on the local market.

The event, attended by the Mayor of Piatra Neamt, Dragoş Victor Chitic, and representatives of the top management of Telekom Romania, was dedicated to the presentation of the Smart City solutions which beneficiaries will be the inhabitants of Piatra Neamţ, as well as the tourists visiting this area of the country. "The Smart Zone" includes: smart street lighting, smart street furniture, electric car charging station, air quality monitoring system, smart video surveillance and free wi-fi.

"The fact that we are at the third Smart City pilot project speaks about the consistency of Telekom Romania in its mission to support the digitalisation process of Romania. The Smart City solutions offered by our company are meant to complete the local administration’s approach to responding to citizen’s new needs in the digitalisation era. The implementation of the projects demonstrates that Telekom Romania is at the forefront of the companies that want to bring the future to the present and, moreover, that the public sector is open to the need of adopting new technological services in the public interest", said Ovidiu Ghiman, Chief Commercial Officer, Business Segment, Telekom Romania.

The installed solutions are designed to provide a performant answer to some urban needs like: efficient lighting, public safety, internet access, electric car charging, environmental quality, real-time display of useful information to citizens etc.

Thus, the pilot project in Piatra Neamț foresees the implementation of several innovative components, among which a smart piece of street furniture. Through the solar-powered bank, the visitors of the park can charge their mobile devices and they can connect to the Wi-Fi internet services. The intelligent street lighting solution, installed in the same area, offers the ability to reduce the light output according to predefined scenarios, resulting in lower energy consumption.

The project also includes the implementation of a station that charges simultaneously two electric cars, through which the owners of such vehicles can charge them within a reasonable time. The station can be used by tourists that visit the North-Eastern part of the country and need a point of charging on this route.

As part of the same initiative, an air quality monitoring station that can measure ten parameters is installed: temperature, humidity, pressure, CO2, radioactivity, ozone, nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide, carbon monoxide and particulate matter. This component is provided with an external display showing the information received from the air quality monitoring station. In addition, on the same screen the City Hall has the possibility to display various information of general interest for the inhabitants of Piatra Neamț.

The project also includes the installation of a smart video surveillance component that analyzes images. It provides the posibility of identification and automatic alert in case an object is missing from the image or an object is left in a restricted area; automatic alert in case a person enters a restricted parameter; automatic alert if a person stays more than a predefined interval in a certain area; automatic alert if a person or an object moves faster in a predefined parameter; automatic alert when a camera is covered or its optical lens is locked.

Last but not least, the project offers free Wi-Fi over the entire urban area of an area with a high degree of public relevance.

The key technology partner for implementing intelligent solutions was Huawei Technologies.

Through this type of project, Telekom Romania proposes solutions for digitalised cities, capable of providing an easier and a safer life for their inhabitants.

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