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Telekom launches a new Smart City pilot-project, in Constanța

Telekom Romania launches a new Smart City pilot-project in Constanta, after the one in Bucharest, in 2016;

The project includes solutions for smart parking and smart lighting, multifunctional lighting tower (with components like: video surveillance, electric charging dock for cars, environment sensors, LED display), as well as free Wi-Fi.

Telekom Romania launched today, June 16th, 2017, in Constanţa, a new Smart City pilot-project, in line with the strategic objective of the Deutsche Telekom Group of expanding its operations in this area of innovation.

Together with the Mayor of Constanţa, Decebal Făgădău, and representatives of Telekom Romania top management, the guests of the event were shown the Smart City solutions which the Constanţa City Hall will benefit of. These include a smart parking, respectively a street lighting solution, based on the LED technology, a tower with multiple components such as a jack for recharging electrical cars and sensors for the monitoring of the environment, as well as free Wi-Fi.

“The Smart City projects are the proof that the public sector answers with openness to the need of new services of public interest, which provide new benefits for the citizens and decrease the operating costs for the City Hall. Telekom Romania, as system integrator, acts as an interface between the specific needs of the local administration and the citizens, on one hand, and, on the other, the technological solutions which can be integrated to meet these needs. Thus, together, we manage to generate more added value for the citizens”, Ovidiu Ghiman, Chief Commercial Officer, business segment, Telekom Romania, said.

The solutions implemented by Telekom Romania in the area of the Sports Hall in Constanța consist in equipping a parking lot of 50 places with sensors connected to a platform processing in real time the data regarding the places’ availability, five lighting poles using the LED technology, a multifunctional tower integrating nine functionalities and free Wi-Fi connectivity for the persons passing by.

The solutions are part of the concept “Smart Street” addressing urban needs such as finding fast a parking lot, efficient lighting, public safety, internet access, electrical recharging for cars, the quality of the environment, listing in real time useful information for the citizens etc.

The smart parking solution addresses primarily  the drivers who can see the available parking lots in real time through the applications available for mobile phones, thus reducing the time spent in search of a parking space and implicitly the decrease of traffic.

The municipality will be able to monitor in real time, through a dedicated platform, the level of occupancy and, based on the statistics generated, can decide efficiently where the parking lots should be supplemented. At the request of the local administration, the solution can integrate also the payment feature, which would ease the taxation mode and would lead to increasing the collection rate. The Smart Lighting solution, which can be controlled remotely, is based on an efficient energy consumption thanks to the LED technology, as the light’s intensity of the bulbs can be set based on the profile or the requirements of the respective area.

The multifunctional tower provides the urban security component, with 360 degrees surveillance cameras. In addition, it is fitted with temperature, wind, pressure and noise sensors, making available relevant information on the environment’s quality in the city, in real time. Based on these, the City Hall can take decisions on improving the citizens’ life quality. Thus it is encouraged the ecological transport, and the attractiveness of the area can grow for the citizens of the city as well as for the tourists at the seaside, who adopt a sustainable way of transportation.

The solutions are based on the IoT (Internet of Things) concept, according to which the sensors embedded in the solutions communicate online through smart interfaces. This concept, gaining momentum also locally, brings significant improvements in domains such as transportation, public safety and environment monitoring, without adding a significant number of pieces of equipment to the already existing infrastructure. In the same time, the new pieces of equipment provide reports for the saving levels and maintenance reports in real time.

The project has been implemented together with the technology provider ZTE.  

With this type of projects, Telekom Romania forwards solutions for a digitalized city, which will make the citizens’ life easier and safer. In the same time, it helps the local administrations to become more efficient.

More details about the project are available here.

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